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Application Information

Eligible Applicants

In order to be eligible for a grant from the Foundation, an organization must be exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. See also the Note under How To Apply below.

How to Apply

The Foundation trustees meet twice a year to consider proposals, and eligible organizations should submit their grant proposals by April 1 for the spring meeting, and October 1 for the fall meeting.

Note - Grants will only be considered to:

  • Organizations to which Mr. and Mrs. Miller contributed during their lifetimes.
  • Organizations specifically named in Mrs. Miller's will.
  • Organizations concerned with Northwest history projects.

Questions as to an organization's eligibility should be addressed to the Manager of the Foundation.

Proposals need not be elaborate, but they should contain the following information:

  • Evidence that the organization is currently tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Except for organizations that have previously received a grant from the Foundation, documentation showing that Mr. or Mrs. Miller made one or more contributions to the organization, or that the organization supports study, research, and acquisition of books and papers relating to the history of the Northwest.

  • A description of the purpose or project to be funded.

  • A budget showing funding sources for the project.

  • A copy of the organization's annual report (if any) and most recent financial statement.

  • The amount requested from the Foundation and a date when the grant funds are desired.

  • A list of the organization's officers and board members.

  • Name(s) of the person(s) to whom correspondence should be addressed, and who will report on the projects, if a report is requested by the trustees.

Generally, the Foundation will not make multi-year grants. Rather, grants will be made for a one-year period and MAY be renewed by action of the trustees. There is no dollar limit currently established on how much an organization may request. In some cases, site visits may be conducted before the award of grants.

Proposals should be sent to the Pendleton and Elisabeth Carey Miller Charitable Foundation, 4500 9th Avenue NE, Suite 300, Seattle, Washington 98105. The Foundation telephone number is (206) 417-4638.

Grant Disbursements

Action on grant proposals will be communicated by letter within thirty days following the Foundation Board meeting at which the proposals were considered. If a grant is approved, a payment schedule and reporting requirements (if any) will be included in the letter.

Grant Reports

All recipients of grants in excess of $10,000 will be required to report on the use of the grant within one year after receipt.

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